Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TEN Reviews Giveaway Winners!

I'm SO far behind on...everything. But desperately trying to catch up! Top of my priority list: CONTEST WINNERS!!!

This was an Army of Ten members-only giveaway (wanna join?  check it)  for people who have posted reviews of TEN online.  We have two winners: a U.S./Canada winner and an International winner.  And since I've still got a whole 'nother massive gift prize pack giveaway for the Army to deal with, I'm not going to waste any time announcing the winners!!!

For the U.S./Canada:


And for the Internationals:


You'll both be getting emails, and once again, thank you SO FREAKING MUCH to all of you who have posted reviews of TEN online. It means more to me than you could possibly realize!