Thursday, August 8, 2013

They're Here

Attention Army of Ten!

This blog has been commandeered.

For reasons you will soon understand, we have kidnapped author Gretchen McNeil and replaced her with and alternate universe version of her – a doppelgänger. The real Gretchen McNeil is being held in our universe, a world similar to your own, yet very, very different.

In order to secure the release of your Gretchen McNeil, the following demands must be met:


Ransom points (and prizes) will be earned for each of the above demands.

All ransom points must be submitted by Friday, November 1st along with a local book store of the ransomer's choice. The two ransomers with the highest accumulation of points will have the real Gretchen McNeil reprimanded to their custody.

Let us repeat: Gretchen McNeil will appear at a book signing in your home town.

Two winners will be chosen for this prize, continental U.S. only.

The international ransomer who earns the most points will win a Skype visit with the real Gretchen McNeil.

If you were not previously a member of the Army of Ten, you may join here:

Don't delay. Gretchen McNeil's time is...running out.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Army of 3:59?

As I start to get ready for the launch cycle for my latest book 3:59, there will be plenty of giveaways and Army-only events and prizes.  So stay tuned!!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

TEN Gift Pack Winners!!!!


You guys have been amazingly patient with this giveaway, and I thank you PROFUSELY! Aggregating the entries was a massive undertaking: due to the sheer number of Army of Ten members, we had just over 2200 separate earned entries into the giveaway!!!!

I'm blown away. You guys are amazing.

As a reminder, each of the five (5) gift packs we are giving away will contain:

- one (1) signed hardcover of TEN
- one (1) signed paperback of POSSESS
- one (1) signed copy of DEAR TEEN ME
- one (1) signed copy of the anthology TWO AND TWENTY DARK TALES
- one (1) $10 Barnes & Noble gift card
- items from the personal collection of two characters from the book (i.e. a sample size of Minnie's favorite perfume and a key chain bottle opener like Ben's)

Exciting, huh?

The five winners were chosen at random using And so without further ado, the five winners are:

Devon Villano
Jessica Sheehan
Alayna Riley
Arleen Gottardo
Rachel Patrick

Again, thank you ALL for your participation in the Army of Ten. And don't worry – there will be more giveaways, more free books, more meet ups, more prizes. HINT: the holiday season is right around the corner…

So keep checking Twitter and your email for announcements, and remember: Ranks and Medals can still be earned, and there are still General positions left. Just get a bookstore that isn't carrying TEN to stock it on their shelves and you'll earn your name in the Acknowledgements of TEN!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

TEN Reviews Giveaway Winners!

I'm SO far behind on...everything. But desperately trying to catch up! Top of my priority list: CONTEST WINNERS!!!

This was an Army of Ten members-only giveaway (wanna join?  check it)  for people who have posted reviews of TEN online.  We have two winners: a U.S./Canada winner and an International winner.  And since I've still got a whole 'nother massive gift prize pack giveaway for the Army to deal with, I'm not going to waste any time announcing the winners!!!

For the U.S./Canada:


And for the Internationals:


You'll both be getting emails, and once again, thank you SO FREAKING MUCH to all of you who have posted reviews of TEN online. It means more to me than you could possibly realize!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Welcome to the Army of Ten

Welcome, Recruits! 

This is the Army of Ten, a street team promotional network for TEN by Gretchen McNeil (Balzer + Bray, September 18, 2012).

In order to win the war of getting the word out about TEN, we're recruiting soldiers for the following ranks in the Army of Ten:

Each ranking entails a different set of assignments, and comes with its own set of medals to earn, including entries into the grand prize gift pack giveaway.

And the best medal of all?  If you earn the rank of GENERAL, you might just get your name in the Acknowledgements for Gretchen's next book!


We will be giving away five (5) gift bags on Halloween - Tuesday, October 30, 2012.  Items in the gift bags will include:

- a signed hardcover of TEN
- a signed paperback of POSSESS
- a signed copy of DEAR TEEN ME
- a signed copy of the anthology TWO AND TWENTY DARK TALES
- a Barnes & Noble gift card
- items from the personal collection of two characters from the book (i.e. a sample size of Minnie's favorite perfume and a key chain bottle opener like Ben's)

In addition, we're giving away a SIGNED ARC OF TEN - the last one either the author or her publisher has - just for signing up for the Army of Ten.  To enter, fill out the following form.  Winner will be chosen via on Monday, September 10, 2012.